16 year-old Harman is like a lot of kids his age – he loves hip hop music, video games, and hanging out with his friends. But Harman has had a tougher life than most of his friends. Since a severe car accident on Christmas Eve 2002, Harman has spent his life in a wheelchair, having been paralyzed from the waist down when he was just four years old.

Harman, who moved to Vancouver, BC from India with his parents just before his accident, is now making it his mission to spread the word via music: life is awesome! He grew up listening to pros like Kanye West, Usher, and Jay-Z, and now Harman is making his own Pop / RnB music to not only send a message of positivity to young people everywhere, but to get them dancing and having fun too. Next month Harman releases his first single, “Last Night” – a party anthem encouraging people to “dance like it’s the last night of your life.” The song’s lighthearted video features a group of Harman’s friends dancing, skateboarding, and having a full-on boys-against-girls water fight. While the song has a distinct club vibe, “Last Night” couldn’t be more wholesome – it’s about enjoying life and having fun with friends.

Harman’s music is all about the positive vibes. “You can choose to live your life sad, always depressed,” said Harman during an interview at AMP Records in Vancouver, where he recorded “Last Night”. “Or you can live your life with a smile on your face. When I was 4 years old in the hospital, I spent my days singing and laughing and cracking jokes with my mother. It was just natural to be happy and positive when I was that young. Once I got older and I fully understood my situation, I made a conscious decision to continue to live like that.”

Music has been a huge influence on Harman’s upbeat attitude. Whether it was singing in the hospital with his mother, or belting out songs by his favourite Punjabi artists like Jazzy B with his taxi driver on the way to school everyday, Harman always felt that music was a powerful healer. Early influences came from popular Indian singers, but by the time Harman was ten, mainstream North American influences had crept in. At 12 years old, Harman was writing his own songs, which are all about his experiences and staying positive through the hardships that life may throw your way.

Armed with big talent and an even bigger heart, Harman is ready to show everyone that being different can make a big difference!

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